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This is the New Testament Bible Story Cards Scripture Help. This is ideal for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and school aged children. This resource is designed to be used in conjunction with a Bible story or other resource to help enhance the children’s learning of Scripture and Bible stories. It helps to reinforce learning just how much God loves us!

This resource will aid you in teaching the children.

With the New Testament Character Bible Story Cards, these have been created so that you can cut out or cut apart and use them in various ways with the Bible stories they are from. These can be used to have the children put the events in order, identify the characters, places or events or be used to re-tell the story which helps them retain what they’ve learned! If you find a use for these that I have not thought of, please send me a message and let me know how you’ve used it!

I also have the Old Testament Character Bible Story Cards, available in my store!

The stories included in this pack are:

1. Birth of Jesus Christ

2. Blind Bartimaeus Begs

3. Feeding the 5,000

4. Good Samaritan

5. Healed Leper

6. He is Risen – Easter

7. Jesus is Baptized

8. Jesus is Tempted

9. Jesus Lost and Found in the Temple

10. Jesus Walks on the Water

11. Lazarus Come Forth!

12. Loads of Fish / Fishers of Men

13. Lost Coin

14. Lost Sheep

15. Parable of the Sower

16. Paralyzed Man Walks

17. Paul and Silas in Jail

18. Pool of Bethesda

19. Prodigal Son

20. Saul Becomes Paul

21. Storm Calmer / Jesus Calms the Storm

22. The Samaritan Woman

23. Triumphal Entry

24. Zacchaeus, You Come Down!

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Last Update: 29th June 2023
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