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Teachers spend hours re-inventing the wheel to make lessons perfect for their students only for them to be stored on a memory stick until a year later. Meanwhile, another teacher is spending hours designing a lesson which is almost identical to one you have done in the past. The solution is simple: share our resources to help fellow professionals. There are approximately 420,000 teachers in the UK. Sharing your resources takes very little time, can improve provision for pupils in other schools and can lead to a healthy passive income if you decide to upload them as premium resources.

At Lesson Planned we believe that good resources deserve recognition. Teachers spend hours making lesson plans, presentations and worksheets, it is only fair that those great lesson plans are rewarded. This website is designed to celebrate great educational resources and creates a free online platform for sharing. We want to make sure you get rewarded for your work; that’s why we offer more royalties than any other website for your teaching resources.

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