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In this pack are 24 notes you can leave in a child’s lunch box, backpack or anywhere else they will find them to encourage them to spread kindness to others! Included are:

-Ask your teacher if there’s something you can help them with today.

-I packed an extra treat in your lunch today. Share it with a friend at lunch.

-Smile at 3 people you don’t know today.

-At recess today pick up 5 pieces of trash.

-Sit by someone new tomorrow at lunch.

-Give up your spot I line to someone at the end of the line.

-Hold the door for 4 people when you leave school today.

-Give 3 compliments to 3 different people today.

-Draw a picture and take it to the school nurse or secretary.

-Look for someone at recess who looks lonely and play with them.

-Visit the library and ask the librarian if you can help her shelve some books.

-Find the school janitor and tell them how much you appreciate them.

-Be extra kind to the person in your class that is the crankiest today.

-Say a prayer for one of your classmates who is struggling today.

-Do your chores without being asked after school today.

-Offer to do something for your parents to help them out without being asked.

-Be the best listener you can all day long!

-Call your grandparents just to say hi and tell them that you love them.

-Do something nice for one of your siblings as a surprise.

-Tell some of your friends that you are so glad they’re your friends.

-Thank your school bus driver for all that they do for you.

-Thank the crossing guard today for keeping you safe.

-Tell your teacher that you appreciate them.

– High 5 three people today with a smile.

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Last Update: 29th June 2023
Released: 29th June 2023