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SEVEN LESSON PRIMARY/ELEMENTARY FRENCH UNIT: Greetings, name, age to 12, colours, songs & games.



1. Introduce ourselves

2. Describe ourselves

3. Say how you are

4. Say your favourite colour/color

5. Say your age up to 12 

6. Asking questions 

7. Give personal information.

CONTENTS: (i) Seven full primary/elementary French (Ages: 6-12) colour/color illustrated interactive power point shows packed with French native speaker sound files, songs, raps, and whole class interactive games; (ii) A3 and A4 class display/flashcard/poster materials; (iii) an illustrated colour/color vocabulary learning mat; (iv) succinct slide by slide guidance lesson plans with activity suggestions as well as a full French to English plain speak vocabulary with relevant supporting grammar notes; (v) a differentiated three task black and white illustrated pupil workbook. Check out our detailed preview of the materials above.

Learnasyouteach is a unique teaching and learning scheme which empowers primary/elementary classroom teachers, parents, teaching assistants and home schoolers/educators to both learn French alongside their children in the 6-12 age range, (UK years 3-7 KS2) and (US grades 2-6) whilst delivering outstanding primary/elementary French curriculum. It is also really useful for French specialist teachers too! 


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Last Update: 16th December 2020
Released: 30th November 2020