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Great, fun, illustrated, single user, copiable workbook pack, with supporting answers and a listening activity. Ideal for classroom teachers, home educators or parents, with great energy for teaching children, but who may be a little less confident in their language teaching skills.

• Topics covered include: past-times, hobbies, days of the week and writing a diary.

• Age Range: (7-12). (UK Years 3-6: KS2) (US Grades 2-6)

• Worksheets contain 3 differentiated tasks relating to the following lesson objectives:

1. To say what the weather is like;

2. To describe seasons;

3. To say what you wear;

4. To say what others wear;

5. To describe when we wear items;

6. To understand a weather story.

• There is an additional “smiley face” pupil self-evaluation sheet.

• It is supplied in two A4 single sheet pdfs one for UK users and one for US users.

• A Workbook Activity PowerPoint Show with a listening activity.

• A complete Pupil Workbook Answer Guide, with easy to use Spanish/English vocabulary and transcript with English for the listening activity.

• Proofread by native editors.

Why not buy the accompanying Single User Level 1 Spanish, Holidays & Leisure Unit with a PowerPoint for every objective in the workbook, more fun interactive activities, native speaker sound files, a days of the week song, and step by step practical lesson plans?

Buy and download immediately.                                                                                                

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Last Update: 16th December 2020
Released: 30th November 2020