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Teach your students how to write an essay!: outlines; introductions, hook, thesis; body paragraphs & transitional phrases; conclusions and concluding statements; and revision from rough to final draft. A whole unit on essays and expository writing using a 5-paragraph essay format:
*Lesson in Powerpoint and PDF format

* Student Activity Workbook

* Teacher lesson plans and objectives covered, alternate examples, assessments, and scripts


Unit covers:

* Structure of a five-paragraph essay

* Different options in structuring body paragraphs depending on purpose

* Outlines and pre-planning an essay

* Introduction purpose/components (hook, summary, thesis statement)

* Body paragraphs and how to write them

* How to synthesize information from sources to create sophisticated writing

* How to create transitions between paragraphs

* Conclusion purpose/components (re-stated thesis, synopsis, concluding statement)

* Steps for editing and revising student work

* Examples of writing for analysis of strenghts and weaknesses with guided explanations


Highlight of Common Core Standards covered (See full list in tab):

w.9-10.1a, w.9-10.1e, w.9-10.2c, w.9-10.2f, w.9-10.5, w.9-10.9, w.11-12.1e, w.11-12.2f

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Last Update: 8th May 2024
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