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Great for IB Image Analysis instruction for the DP test, TOK, as well as teaching graphic novels for secondary students. Includes image analysis with modern and classical art examples, instructional videos, in class debates and prompts, powerpoint lessons, and a printable activity packet with assessments. Features activities for a reading of The Watchmen as the book for the unit, but the instructions can all be applied for any graphic novel such as Persepolis.


* Graphic Novels as Literature lesson explaining how medium’s change

reader’s perspectives

* Debate: Truffaut says “There’s no such thing as Anti-War Films”.

Sorrow of War Vs. Starship Troopers

* Kitsch and images: Upsetting or Confusing art: looking deeper

* Interpreting an image

* Designing a danger logo and persuasive writing: ethos logos pathos

* The Watchmen introductory lesson

* Should Batman Kill Joker?: Utilitarians vs Deontologists

* Ozymandias poem: What’s in a name?

* Quizzes

* Summative test

* The Watchmen Final Essay prompt

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Last Update: 8th May 2024
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