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These lesson plans are designed for English students and based around short films and other media. They can also be used to explore with the students the different themes of the film through debate and discussion.

This film looks at happiness and what makes us happy and society around us.

Level: Upper Intermediate (B2) & Advanced (C1) 

Time: 90 min

Age: Teenagers & Adults

Language: Happiness & society 

Additional resources: none 

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  1. Hi! I was hoping to see a preview of the lesson plan before I buy because I have no idea what it contains

  2. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for getting in touch. After viewing the resource, I can confirm it contains:

    Warm Up – 5-10 minutes – a short verbal activity for groups of 4-5 students
    Spark Interest – 20 minutes – paired work and whole class discussion answering questions
    Short Film – 10 minutes – follow up questions about the video
    Fake Happiness – 25 mins – students comment on the meaning of the title
    Real Happiness – 25 mins – group activity using an A4 piece of paper
    Cooler – 5 mins

    I hope that helps. As it is a four page document, sending a preview would either display too little of the resource or all of it, therefore I felt an overview was best.

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Last Update: 6th January 2021
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