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Autumn leaves picture poem sheet, writing similes inside leaves!

Text: “Autumn leaves can be – ‘, written at the top, above the assorted, twisty, twirly leaf pictures. Inside each leaf is a colour simile invitation:  “as red as _____ “, “as gold as _____” , “as yellow as ______”, “as brown as _________”, and even “as green as ____”. There’s also a vertical line through the middle, inviting an adjective for the leaves. The leaves can then be coloured in for a fabulous wall display.

Warm-up tips: gather some autumn leaves first, to examine and play with. Discuss the colours, then invite similes for them, e.g. as red as flames, as gold as treasure, as brown as chocolate, as green as lime juice. The children will love to think up more, and perhaps follow on with a poem of their own, with extended similes (e.g. as red as cosy candle flames glowing in the dark). A calming, pleasing, but creative and mind-stretching activity.

Supports: poetry, literacy all-round, PSHE, seasonal studies, autumn topics, colour and art studies, outdoor learning, nature appreciation, and more.

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