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This picture-poem frame enables creative writing within a planet! The huge, paper-filling, circular planet contains starter lines for four similes, with extra lines and space at the base for developments, and two extra lines below the planet. Background illustrations of stars, rockets and moons, for atmosphere.
Writers also get to choose their own planet name for the title: “The Planet ___”
Text, in large, clear, black on white:
“The Planet ___ is
as ____  as ___ [long line]
___________  [extra line]”
Verse pattern repeated – 4 total.
Tip: In warm-up, elicit description ideas for the planet, e.g. different colours, temperatures, atmospheres and textures, then pick one or two and invite simile ideas for them: “luminous – as luminous as a halo”, then discuss how to extend these ideas, e.g. “as an angel’s glowing halo in the inky blackness of night.” Allow crazy ideas, e.g. “bouncy – as bouncy as the springiest trampoline”; and creepy – “as eerie as an ancient, echoing castle in the moonlight”.
If anyone wishes their planet to be a different shape (as rectangular as an envelope?), they can draw and fill the shape separately. No rhymes needed: they could cramp creativity and compromise the similes’ power.
Supports space study, English, and confidence in self-expression. Inspiring and fun to use. Together, these picture poems will make a spectacular display.

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Last Update: 24th October 2020
Released: 24th October 2020