Carryn Smith
Vendor Since: 05 Sep 2022

I have 16 years experience teaching the foundation phase in South Africa. I am a positive and self-motivated individual. I have been so fortunate to have children in my class each year with whom I grow to love and have the privilege to watch them develop. My teaching methodologies are based on positive reinforcement and encouragement, building from what a child knows. I believe that by focusing on the good within a child, and giving praise where praise is due, one both gives and then earns respect. I am assertive and fair in the manner in which I manage my classroom. I have a B.Ed Honours in Education, Leadership and Management, obtained in South Africa at UKZN university. I enjoy my work and the ever-changing environment of working within a school and taking responsibility for enabling the growth and development of a class of children each year. Although, I chose to study in the Senior and FET Phase; I discovered while working in London that I loved working with the younger child, in primary schools. I have critically assessed and sought mentoring with my teaching on a regular basis. This is due to my belief that teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession that requires continual personal growth. My strengths lie creating a strong foundation to foundation phase learners in the critical areas of numeracy and literacy, enabling the children to enjoy learning and be excited by what lies ahead, as well as within the fields of art, craft and design. I would now like to pass on the knowledge that I have gained over the years by helping other teachers.

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