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Number of the Day is easy to use numeracy book to practise basic arithmetic skills. Excellent for use as a starter or morning work or in a maths lesson. This fantastic, number of the day book/worksheet allows you to challenge your learners with a different special number every day. The book has number 1-30 in it and a set of editable pages at the end of the book, that way you can continue with the numbers of your choice when you are finished the book.


 Each day you can choose a different special number and have your pupils complete the challenges on the worksheet. This resource is fully editable, so you can easily input a new special number each time you use it. The resource asks learners to write the following:


· Number

· Number name

· Tally marks

· Colouring

· Counting it

· Double

· Half

· Ten frames

· Number line

· Skip counting

· Even uneven

· Drawing the number

· Base ten blocks

· More and less

· Word problems with addition and subtraction

· Number bonds (ways to make the number)


How to use:

Print out the book and copy for each child. Then staple the book together. It you would like the book the last longer then laminate each page and use an erasable marker. Each day work through one of the numbers in class work. You can also use the laminated page in a Math station (centre) by placing counters next to the page for students to use in an engaging activity.



1x Black and white numeracy book (38x pages)

1x power point presentation

4x editable pages

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Last Update: 21st October 2022
Released: 21st October 2022