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Grade 1 Mathematics workbook is great for the first term. Introducing numbers is so made so easier with this no prep workbook. I love using these workbook pages to give students extra practice for new skills as they are learning them with me at my station, and then again during independent centres to practice mastered skills. These printable require NO PREP and are perfect for class work or homework!

All topics covered have more than one page given to that topic. Students need to be able to practice these concepts, to solidify their knowledge. So often in class I need an extra page to give students the extra practice they need or use the extra pages for the students that need extension work. When they done the booklet has some brain breaks to keep learners busy. This gives the other students time to catch up.

This booklet is designed to be used by any teacher in any country. However, as a South African Teacher, I have made the booklet CAPS compliant.

How to Use:

  • The user licence of this booklet is for one classroom. So, start off by printing a booklet for each of the students in your class.
  • Staple the side of the booklet to create a binding. I usually put packaging tape over the spine to make it last longer.
  • Teach and help the students to work through the book.

This workbook has 121 Pages!

The topics covered are:

Writing Practice

Same and Different

Numbers 0-10, Each number have 4 pages of practice


Counting Practice

Matching Numbers

Missing Numbers

Number Lines

Colour by Number

Counting Objects

Subtraction with Numbers Lines

Addition with Number Lines

Blot a Dot and Double

Trace the Shapes

More or Less

Before and After

Ordinal Numbers


Shapes patterns


Shapes: Circle

Shapes: Triangle

Shapes: Rectangle

Long and Short

3D Objects



Volume and Capacity

Brain Breaks and games

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Last Update: 15th September 2022
Released: 11th September 2022