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Elements of Story unit includes 6 power points covering Setting, Character types, Conflict types, Plot, and Theme, as well as lessons on understanding complex character motivations and subtext, as well as assignments on creative narrative writing, assessments with answer keys and rubrics, and fun Memes of the Day related to the learning content.


* Elements of Story lesson: Plot, Setting, Theme, Characters

* Freytag’s Pyramid assignment

* Synopsis and Paraphrasing plot practice assignment

* 6 types of Conflict lesson

* Conflict assignment

* Character Types lesson

* Characte Types analysis presentation assignment

* Understanding Characters with Complex Motivations Lesson

* Character Motivation and subtext with alignmen charts presentation activity

* Creative writing on character, symbolism, and subtext with descrive imagery

* 5 Character short story creative writing assignment activity: Students choose
5 characters, and then the teacher reveals secret traits about the character
afterwards the student will utilize in their story
* Intellectually and physically active Basketball review game

* Meme pack for icebreakers and exit ticket knowledge checks

* Elements of Story Summative

* Answer Key included

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Last Update: 8th May 2024
Released: 8th May 2024