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Engage your students with this outstanding lesson on Rosa Parks, a pivotal figure in civil rights history. This resource provides a comprehensive package, including a detailed lesson plan, a dynamic PowerPoint presentation, two information sheets catering to different ability levels, an information poster template, and an exemplary information poster.

Lesson Highlights:
★ Biographical Exploration: Delve into the life of Rosa Parks and her significant role in the civil rights movement.
★ Interactive Learning: Test students’ understanding with multiple-choice questions that reinforce key concepts.
★ Creative Expression: Foster creativity as students craft their information posters, consolidating their knowledge.

Files Included:
☆ Lesson Plan
☆ PowerPoint Presentation
☆ x2 Information Sheets (differentiated)
☆ Information Poster Template
☆ Example Information Poster
☆ Images of Rosa Parks

Tags: Rosa Parks, Civil Rights, Lesson Plan, PowerPoint, Information Poster, KS2, History, Differentiated Learning

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Last Update: 12th November 2023
Released: 12th November 2023