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Empower parents to become reading advocates at home with this comprehensive Reading Parents Evening PowerPoint. With 18 informative slides, this resource is a valuable tool for hosting engaging and effective parents’ evenings. Ideal for primary age children, the content is editable and adaptable to suit the unique needs of your school community.

Resource Highlights:
★ Phonics Insight: Equip parents with a solid understanding of phonics to support their child’s reading journey.
★ Word Strategies: Provide practical tips for parents on helping their children tackle challenging words with confidence.
★ Book Exchange Procedures: Explain how book swapping works at school, fostering a collaborative approach between home and school.
★ Reading Mornings: Promote the importance of reading mornings and how they contribute to a child’s literacy development.
★ Editable Content: Tailor the content to align with your school’s specific reading initiatives.

Ideal For:
★ Parents’ Evenings
★ New Starters
★ Reading Boost Initiatives

How to Use:
★ Share insights about phonics and word strategies to enhance parents’ ability to assist their children.
★ Discuss the mechanics of book exchanges and the positive impact of reading mornings.
★ Edit and customize slides to align with your school’s reading program.


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Last Update: 14th November 2023
Released: 14th November 2023