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Transform your classroom into a hub of creativity with our comprehensive Design and Technology lessons focused on crafting captivating pop-up storybooks. This resource encompasses everything you need, from detailed lesson plans to engaging PowerPoints and resource sheets.

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Investigate and evaluate how lever and linkage mechanisms function in products, using technical vocabulary to understand their role in pop-up storybooks.
  2. Practice creating pop-up mechanisms and plan the use of materials and processes effectively.
  3. Practice creating lever and linkage systems and plan the use of materials and processes effectively.
  4. Write a draft of a story using an outline plan and storybook criteria, using simple graphical communication techniques.
  5. Measure, mark out cut out and shape a range of materials using appropriate tools and techniques.
    Join and combine components accurately.
  6. To assess my finished book against the original design criteria and reflect on the design and making process.

Files included:
★ x6 PowerPoints for each lesson
★ x6 Lesson plans
★ Pop-Up Books Questionnaire
★ x3 Outline plans (differentiated)
★ x6 Table guides
★ Slider mechanism templates
★ Box fold object
★ Prepared text for lower ability pupils
★ Story planning sheet
★ Story prompts
★ Evaluation sheet
★ Storyboard
★ Example pictures

Customer Support:
We’re here to assist you. If you encounter any challenges or have specific requests related to this resource, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at explore_education@outlook.com for a swift response.

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Last Update: 12th November 2023
Released: 12th November 2023