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Mental Health Awareness Week is one of the most important times of the year for schools across the country. Its an opportunity to change the way we view mental health issues and encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst students and helping those who need help.

This 16 slide presentation covers all aspects of Mental Health Awareness Week which should not go unspoken about.

New for 2024 with a modern design and graphics

slide 1: title page
slide 2: the purpose of mental health awareness week
slide 3: importance of mental health on well-being
slide 4: Mental health definition
slide 5: mental health issues among students (stats)
slide 6: impact of mental health on academics
slide 7: addressing the stigma around seeking help
slide 8: recognizing warning signs
slide 9: recognizing warning signs (physical signs)
slide 10: recognizing warning signs (emotional signs)
slide 11: recognizing warning signs (behavioural changes)
slide 12: recognizing warning signs (Cognitive changes)
slide 13: Building a supportive environment
slide 14: importance of self-care
slide 15: 4 methods of self-care
slide 16: Conclusion

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Last Update: 26th March 2024
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