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All question types on all topics on the OCR specification
short mark questions (2 – 6), 8 markers, 10 markers, synoptic, 16 markers, 33 markers.
60 Pages ( no mark scheme, Just questions)

This workbook is the perfect way to test a students knowledge and skills (quantitative and qualitative) by doing exam style practice essays and short questions.
Within, there are over 100 questions from the whole OCR specification on all topics (Coastal Landscapes, Glaciated Landscapes, Dryland Landscapes, Earth’s Life Support Systems, Changing Spaces; Making Places, Trade In the Contemporary World, Global Migration, Human Rights, Power and Borders, Climate Change, Disease Dilemmas, Exploring oceans, Future of food, Hazardous Earth)

A-Level Geography is a great subject for students to study before advancing into their future careers. It instills a range of skills in students from map work to data interpretation and presentation as well as examining qualitative and quantitative data and evaluating an outcome.

This resource has been made so that teachers can modify it to their teaching style in order for better delivery and results in the classroom.

Who are Phillips Resources?
At Phillips Resources we use your feedback to create the highest quality and most desired resources so that students can get the grades they desire and teachers are trusting in the resources they use and also are left stress free from not having to create their own resources as often.

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Last Update: 27th March 2024
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