Educational slide on marine materials cycling and decay.


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Discover the fascinating world of materials cycling with this engaging and informative teaching resource! Materials cycling, also known as nutrient cycling, plays a crucial role in the sustainability of ecosystems by ensuring that essential elements are recycled and reused efficiently. This resource is designed to introduce students to the concept of materials cycling and its significance in maintaining the balance of nutrients and energy in the natural world.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to materials cycling and its importance
  • Exploration of key cycles such as the carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, and water cycle
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of living organisms and abiotic factors in nutrient cycling
  • Human impacts on materials cycling and the environment

Resource Features:

  • Lesson plan with engaging activities and discussion points
  • Water Cycle Diagram to fill in and attach to book
  • PowerPoint presentation and worksheet provided.

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Last Update: 19th February 2024
Released: 19th February 2024