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Jekyll & Hyde Settings & Atmosphere Ch 8 Extract Essay Question Walk-through | GCSE English Literature | AQA Nov/Jun 2021 Paper 1N Q1

This is a really useful 5-slide resource containing a detailed break-down of an approach to brainstorming, analysing and planning an answer to the following extract essay question:

Starting with this extract, explore how Stevenson uses settings to create a disturbing and threatening atmosphere.
EXTRACT from Chapter 8 beginning ‘It was a wild, cold, seasonable night of March’, ending with ‘“They’re all afraid,” said Poole.’ [AQA Nov/Jun 2021 Paper 1N Q1]

  • Brainstorm mind-map developed step-by-step
  • Annotated line-by-line analysis of the extract
  • Notes on the essay question from the rest of the novel
  • Sample essay structure and sample sentences for intro/conclusion

How to use this resource:
-Students: for revision & as an example of how to approach an extract essay question step-by-step. Suitable for all exam boards.
-Teachers & Tutors: in a lesson, creating your own mind map with students, and following the steps for building an essay structure, with the slides available for ideas or an example to students.

For your set texts for GCSE English Literature it is a tried and tested approach (by me!!) to produce DETAILED essay plans for all past paper questions, key themes and characters. This resource provides a perfect example of the BACKGROUND WORK that goes into producing an excellent essay with original thinking, and is something you should aim to replicate yourself.
So please download to aid your revision of Jekyll & Hyde, and apply this method to create your own essay plans for your set texts.

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