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“Watch Out!” is the title of this exciting, vividly illustrated poetry frame – the highest level in this series.
Several lines of writing, filling the sheet (landscape presentation), with starter phrases and large gaps for writing.
Text: Watch out for the ____ dragon!
He’s ___, ___ and ___.
His spikes are ___, his ____ are ___
and he’s as ___ as a ___.
He goes ______ .
His favourite food is ____.

Clear, black print on white sheet, thick, long lines to write on, lively illustrations all around.
Prompt for unusual describing words, e.g. exotic colours, alternative words for ‘hot’ and ‘scary’, fascinating words like ‘gleaming’, ‘translucent’, mysterious, and movement words for ‘He goes…’, like charging, gliding, roaring, blasting, creeping, sneaking, prancing, dancing… where? Over the school roof? Through the sunset sky?

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Last Update: 24th October 2020
Released: 24th October 2020