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Converting Fractions or Decimals into Percentages Lesson and Worksheet

This short lesson I use with KS2/KS3 students when looking at converting Fractions into Percentages or Decimals into Percentages.
The lesson is accompanied with a Worksheet for students to answer in class or as a piece of homework.

It demonstrates the style I use in class which is to work through examples in class with students pitching in ideas of how to answer the question along the way. Followed by the student then tackling questions on their own.

My shop is full of lessons like this (however longer than this lesson). Hence a bought lesson will give you plenty of worked examples as board work with a worksheet to conclude, lasting the student beyond your lesson.

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The Resources within this shop are all designed for the teaching of Mathematics for those in the age range 5 - 18 years old. Most resources consist of a PowerPoint lesson followed by a worksheet for the students. With over twenty six years of experience, the powerpoint/worksheets within the shop have been used successfully by myself and colleagues over that time. As a head of department for over 15 years, the department has yearly been judged as adding substantial value to students grades.