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Beautiful, full-page, autumn leaf (black on white) with graceful vein lines to write describing words on, with start phrase at top: “Autumn leaves can be – “. Also, 3 wavy lines at one side, inviting further creative writing about how leaves fly (or sail, float, drift, dance, spin…) through the [?] sky – what sort of sky? Below, a simile is invited: They are as colourful as ___ (long line provided). Children jump to this attractive, inspiring, free-feeling activity, in my experience, especially when they can spread out on the floor, as free as the leaves. Tip – take children outside first to view, catch and inspect autumn leaves. Enact their movements, and discuss their features and actions, building ideas and stretching vocabulary before presenting the sheet print-outs. Let ideas fly, never mind the spelling or presentation! The leaf can then be shaded in around the words. Together, they’ll make a fantastic display. A calming and fulfilling activity, yet stretching minds, observational skills, language and artistic expression.

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