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Autumn leaf writing. A simple picture-poem for young, emergent writers. The leaf is as wide as the ‘landscape’ presented sheet, with a curvy line along for writing words on.
Text above leaf picture: “Autumn leaves can be – “. Elicit words like crispy, wet, floppy, soft, gentle, red, yellow, gold, floaty, curly, torn, ripped, spotty, colourful, thin, fragile. Encourage sounding out and having a go at words thought up, however difficult.
Text below picture: “They are as colourful as ___ “. Long, thick line for writing on.  Encourage ideas like flowers, jewels, butterflies, petals, rubies, ribbon and treasure. A calming, pleasing, yet mind-stretching activity.
Supports: literacy – poetry, vocabulary, phonics, writing; autumn/seasonal studies, plants, trees, nature, our world; outdoor learning; PSHE.
Colouring opportunity.

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