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Become a great Roman Empreror in this immersive experience! Make the decisions within the scenarios and live with the consequences. Each faction (the Military, the Senate and the Populace) will react differently to your decisions, it’s up to you as Emperor to maintain order and balance. Will you keep them all happy? Or will one of them turn against you and bring an end to your reign?

Children will learn first-hand about the complexity of ruling an empire and balancing power between different groups of people. They will start to understand about Cause and Effect when making decisions and understand that real rulers had to make many of the same decisions and live with them. Discussions will flow about who did what, who they supported and who turned against them!

NOTE: Please read the SETUP INSTRUCTIONS first to ensure that the scoring system works properly within your school. Test the game first and remind children not to save the game if they exit it as this will save any scores that they have created.


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  • No idea how you made this but it works!

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    Last Update: 31st July 2020
    Released: 27th September 2017