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Ideal for use in Year 4 when fronted adverbials are first introduced or for consolidation in later years.

Fronted adverbials activity sheet with 3 levels of differentiation including a range of activities to allow children to identify and use a range of fronted adverbials. Answers included.
Fronted adverbials passage, short paragraphs with three levels of differentiation where children need to identify the fronted adverbials. Ideal as a short activity or a grammar session. Answers included.
‘Punctuating fronted adverbials with a comma’ activity sheet. A range of activities to encourage and remind children how to punctuate fronted adverbials with a comma. Answers included.
‘Punctuating fronted adverbials with a comma’ passage, a paragraph where children need to add the commas to the fronted adverbials they find. Answers included.
‘Fronted adverbials’ story. A short story about Ursula the Unicorn that children need to improve by adding fronted adverbials.

National Curriculum Links – Years 3 and 4

Terminology to be introduced in Year 4: fronted adverbial.

Years 3 and 4: Pupils should be taught to develop their understanding of the concepts set out in English Appendix 2 by using fronted adverbials.


Fronted adverbials to show time and ‘ly’ adverbials to show how.

Above + fronted adverbials to show time, place and how.

Above + fronted adverbials to show how often and possibility.

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Last Update: 5th April 2022
Released: 5th April 2022