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Ten lesson rainforest topic bundle complete with planning and display resources. Each lesson contains a teaching PPT and differentiated activities.

Each lesson is also available individually (our introduction and summary lessons are available to download for FREE).

1.Introduction to the rainforest.

2.Climate in tropical rainforests, creating weather forecasts for an area of the Amazon rainforest and a contrasting area.

3.Identifying rainforests (including tropical and temperate rainforests) on a map of the world, identifying where they lie in relation to the lines of tropics.

4. Identifying animals and which rainforests they live in around the world, identifying vertebrates and invertebrates.

5. Layers of tropical rainforests and their features.

6. Living things and their needs, students will create a new rainforest animal or plant according to the layer of the rainforest it lives in.

7. Food chains within rainforests.

8. Rainforest tribes, who lives there and how they survive. Main activity focuses on the foods they eat.

9. Deforestation of rainforests.

10. Summarising lesson with an orienteering style question trail.

Maps provided by https://freevectormaps.com.

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Last Update: 1st June 2023
Released: 22nd May 2023