Educational poster explaining Dunkirk evacuation, Operation Dynamo.


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WW2 Lesson 3 – Dunkirk

This lesson will help children to understand the events at Dunkirk during the Second World War. They will learn who was involved, why the troops needed to be evacuated, the role of the ‘Little Ships’ and more. 

This resources includes:

  • PowerPoint detailing what happened at Dunkirk during Operation Dynamo. Also includes a ‘hook’ in the form a the ‘Dunkirk’ film trailer, as well as Churchill’s famous speech recording.
  • Three tasks to complete. These can be given to all children, or used as differentiation based on ability. The tasks include: present the events of Dunkirk in a style of their choice / worksheet on whether Dunkirk was a success for Britain / write a speech in Churchill’s style. 
  • Exit ticket to assess learning at the end of the lesson. 
  • Lesson plan for teacher. 

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Last Update: 16th February 2024
Released: 9th January 2022