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This lesson covers ancient Egyptian pyramids, architecture and art – the importance of pyramids, how they were built, what was inside them etc., different types of sphinxes and temples. It also covers art with a focus on hieroglyphics and three independent tasks for LA/MA/HA children.

PowerPoint Includes:

  • Partner talk starter activity (timed)
  • Numerous opportunities for partner talk/group work/mini whiteboard tasks
  • Numerous timed activities (timers on PP)
  • Various short video clips to help aid learning / create a hook
  • Pyramids – their importance, how they were built, what’s inside etc.
  • Sphinxes – androsphinx, criosphinx, hieracosphinx
  • Temples
  • Art
  • Hieroglyphics – What are they? Hieroglyphic alphabet and deciphering task.
  • Independent tasks – Make a pyramid (origami & net) and hieroglyphic art task.

Other documents included:

  • Lesson plan
  • Hieroglyphics printout
  • Pyramid net instructions and template

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Last Update: 22nd May 2024
Released: 22nd May 2024