WW2 evacuation education lesson resources display.


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This lesson will help children to understand evacuation during the Second World War. They will learn what evacuation meant, who was evacuated and why, as well as what life was like for evacuaees.

This resource includes:

  • PowerPoint detailing what evacuation was and why it happened. Throughout the PowerPoint, there are various discussion questions to pose to your class – opportunities for partner talk/reflection/think, pair, share and feeding back to the class.

  • Three differentiated tasks to complete. You can either complete all of the tasks or choose the most fitting task(s) for your class and ability levels.

Task 1 – Write a letter as if you were an evacuee writing home to your family about your experience of moving to the country.

Task 2 – Write a diary entry explaining how you feel about being evacuated to the country to live with a family you don’t know.

Task 3 – Create a piece of descriptive writing comparing your old life in the town/city to your new life in the countryside.

*More information on each task in PowerPoint

  • Scaffolding for all tasks to aid LA/MA pupils
  • WW2 word mat to aid independent writing
  • Links to videos to enhance learning
  • Exit ticket to assess learning at the end of the lesson.
  • Lesson plan for teacher.

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Last Update: 23rd February 2024
Released: 25th April 2023