WWII Allies and Axis, leadership and influence theme.


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WW2 Lesson 2 will help KS2 / KS3 children understand which countries made up the Allied and Axis Powers in WW2 and who the leaders of the main powers were.

Children will be able to describe and explain who the Allied and Axis Powers were and be able to match the leaders to their countries. HA/MA children will be able to write a short biography of the leaders.

This resource includes:

PowerPoint with starter partner talk activities focussing on key vocabulary, followed by an explanation of who the Allied and Axis Powers were and who the leaders of each country were.

LA/Supported activity – matching activity (cutting and sticking leaders and countries into the correct column to show areas of influence.

MA/HA activity – double page spread detailing who was who in WW2 – pictures of leaders to cut out and present however the children would like to.

Extension – write a short biography for each leader.

Lesson plan for teacher.

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Last Update: 14th February 2024
Released: 1st November 2021