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This is a literacy pack containing chapter- by – chapter activities based on the first seven chapters of the book The Witches by Roald Dahl, plus associated grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling activities. There are ten worksheets in all, comprising:

  • 6 x reading comprehension worksheets (including extension activities)
  • 2 x vocabulary / grammar / punctuation worksheets
  • 2 x spelling worksheets

For each of the seven chapters there is a comprehension / guided reading worksheet which also contains a reading / spelling / writing challenge. (Chapters 6 and 7 are combined as chapter 6 is very short.) There are 25 marks available in each comprehension, allowing pupils to work out their percentage score. The worksheets could be used as part of SATs practice as I have styled the questions in a similar vein. Similarly, pupils could do the reading comprehension worksheets as independent tasks or as part of whole class revision.

Alternatively, each worksheet could be used as part of a guided reading session, reading assessment or whole class teaching.

Each Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation worksheet is double A4 – sized, with space for pupils’ answers. Pupils could do the worksheet as an independent task or as part of whole class revision for the SATs. There are 25 marks available – which again allows pupils to find their percentage score!

All activities are created in Word so can be edited to your own designs.

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Last Update: 4th February 2021
Released: 21st January 2021