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This lesson covers the River Nile and its uses and importance to the ancient Egyptians. The lesson is comprised of a comprehensive PowerPoint, lesson plan, worksheets and printouts/scaffolding for independent tasks and includes the following:

  • Partner talk starter activity (timed)
  • Numerous opportunities for partner talk/group work
  • Numerous timed activities (timers on PP)
  • Vocabulary focus where appropriate – identifying and discussing new vocab
  • Inference from a picture activity (link to Reading VIPERS)
  • Various short video clips to help aid learning / create a hook
  • Uses of the Nile (papyrus, fishing, washing, transportation, recreation etc.)
  • Picture printout (inference task)
  • Map printout
  • Biodiversity worksheet (animal and plant life in the Nile)
  • Independent tasks (Research task re: biodiversity, Map work task)
  • Lesson plan for teacher (step-by-step)

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Last Update: 28th March 2024
Released: 28th March 2024