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The FUN Way to Help Children Succeed in School, at Home and in Life.
Get ready for success with “The Executive Functioning Skills Workbook for Kids”.
This is your ticket to discovering super cool ways to be the best version of yourself!
You’ll learn how to:
– Manage your time, so you never miss out on fun.
– Stay super focused, even when there’s a lot happening around you.
– Keep your stuff neat, tidy and organised.
– Get started and get things done without wasting time.
– Stay on track and keep going on tasks, even when things get tough.
– Understand your feelings and manage your mood.
– Boost your memory, making schoolwork a breeze.
Through a diverse range of interactive activities and reflective exercises, this workbook offers children the tools they need to develop and improve executive functioning skills in various facets of their life. They’ll delve into the importance of time management.

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Last Update: 15th December 2023
Released: 15th December 2023