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Technology, Social Media and Gaming are an important part of society. However how long does the average student spend using these electronic devices, sites and apps? Have your students complete these logs to find out. It will be a real shocker to your students to realize how much technology they use within their lives.


Best of all, this resource is available in both printable pdf format as well as a Google Slides editable format. This Technology and Social Media Log  allows students to add text and pictures to make the chart their own. 


This resource comes with the following logs:

  • Technology Usage Log: track computer, tablet, phone and television
  • Social Media Log: Track Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or any other Social Platform
  • Gaming Log: Track Computer gaming, Console Gaming, Mobile Phone Game or any other Gaming
  • Make your own tracker with a blank sheet. This blank sheet has 7 columns.


When your students are finished, they can save a picture of their Tech/Social Log.

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Last Update: 12th September 2022
Released: 12th September 2022