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You want to introduce or teach your students about programming / coding however you don’t have access to computers? No problem. This “Unplugged Coding” resource works without computers. After completing these printable activities, your students can apply similar logic and strategies to coding websites and apps. This is a great alternative or additionally resource before using code.org or Scratch.
This resource is apart of an unplugged coding series. In each, a different main concept is focused on. To use this resource, just print the PDF and have your students coding, unplugged today.
The main focus of this resource is binary (1’s and 0’s). The purpose is to focus on how many numbers is a single letter as well as how to add and subtract binary. This resource includes the following type of activities and worksheets:

  • Binary Letter Chart
  • 5 binary coding cards which include colors, food, and other basic English words. Also included is a Christmas and Halloween themed binary coding card. These cards list words where your students must match the binary card with the Binary Letter Chart.
  • Addition information page. Teach your students how to add binary.
  • Subtraction information page. Teach your students how to subtract binary.
  • 2 binary addition worksheets with answer keys
  • 2 binary subtraction worksheets with answer keys

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Last Update: 7th October 2022
Released: 7th October 2022