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Have fun generating 10,000,000 different story combinations. This is similar to a “Roll a story” activity but instead of 216 options, there are TEN MILLION! Quickly generate a random character (with descriptor), a plot and a setting. Your students can then start creating a very fun and unique story.


Don’t like what was given? Keep clicking the big green “Generate Story” button to have an endless amount of story ideas for you and your students. Not enough options? Easily add your own to add more possibilities. Everything is editable on Google Sheets!



  • Step by Step setup guide
  • Customization guide
  • Data Safety: learn how the Apps Script was created


You can have your students follow the 8 step setup and generate their own stories for quick writes or longer stories. Or maybe you can set it up and display it on your smartboard and roll a different story each day, where they have a quick writing activity with a paragraph long story. There are many options and ways you can use this resource. 


Perfect for creative writing!

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Last Update: 7th August 2022
Released: 7th August 2022