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Exciting writing frame, dramatically illustrated, with wavy lines (like waves) to write on down the page. Action words and similes invited, with plenty of space for independent embellishments and developments. Calm sea in last verse: reassuring ending – simile invited for this too.
Stormy Sea
The sea went ___ [ whole line available]
like ___                       ”          ”         ”       .
[Couplet repeated.]
[Line 1 repeated.]
Free line for independent development.
But next day it was as peaceful as
[whole line for calm sea simile].”
Prompt for “ing” words for the sea – roaring, rolling, lunging, plunging, whooshing, howling, spraying, menacing, swirling, etc. Also sound words (onomatopoeia) – Boom! Crash! Whoosh! etc.  Similes for such images are easy to think up. Guide towards dangerous creatures – real and mythical, wild weather, natural events like volcano eruptions, tumbling rocks and earthquakes, for ideas.
Very popular with junior classes in my workshops.
Picture can be coloured in and added to. Great for wall display!
Supports: English, creative writing, poetry, simile, onomatopoeia, verbs, vocabulary, drama, speaking and listening (in warm-up).

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Last Update: 24th October 2020
Released: 24th October 2020