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SOURCE & SOAR’s NEWSOURCE series offers new, original works of literature and art as sources for subject-integrated activities and assessments.


Each NEWSOURCE contains:


  • A description of the source, including background notes on the author
  • Content warnings
  • Suggested school level use
  • An original work
  • Sample Q&A for teachers arranged according to Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Suggestions for subject integration and extension


If you are tired of using the same old texts, why not try one of these NEWSOURCES?

NEWSOURCE 7: “Official Position”

Please note that the source used in this download is an original work that has been published. It was published in The Ground’s Ear in 2011. “Official Position” is a powerful poem that addresses the topic of boundaries and respect. It also works very well with two other NEWSOURCE poems: “It begins inside” and “Heightened Awareness”.

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Last Update: 30th November 2021
Released: 30th November 2021