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The Spectacular Scholar Movie title brain teasers allow the group to have fun while strengthen problem solving skills, stimulating creativity, and exercising the mind.

This engaging activity comes complete with:

PowerPoint doc. 25 slides containing 21 popular movie titles

PDF worksheet. Worksheet version of the 21 movies

PDF answer sheet. Answer sheet to assist the facilitator

This activity can be used in the classroom, and has proven effective during online learning and team training sessions. Simply present the slide show, and use the right arrow to move to the next slide.

You will find clear instructions on how to play this simple game in the slideshow.

While presenting, participants will be able to put their hand up, or shout out the answer once they have figured it out.

Who will be the first to work out the popular movie titles?

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Last Update: 16th June 2022
Released: 16th June 2022