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Get this whole scheme of work AND four more KS3 SoW for £14.99!

An outstanding 12 lesson KS3 Geography Scheme of Work on Rainforests.

The lessons always have or include:

  • Starters, extensions/challenges and plenary activities
  • Activities which use photos, maps, graphs
  • English, maths, data and decision making exercises
  • Group work, silent tasks, peer-peer activities, market place activities
  • A well planned assessment with PEER MARKING!

Lesson breakdown:
Lesson 1: What and where are our rainforests?
Lesson 2: What is the structure of the Rainforests?
Lesson 3: What is the climate like in the Rainforest?
Lesson 4: How are plants and animals adapted to the rainforest?
Lesson 5: How do we benefit from the Rainforest?
Lesson 6: What is Deforestation?
Lesson 7: What are the effects of Deforestation?
Lesson 8: How can we use the rainforest sustainably?
Lesson 9: Saving the Rainforest!
Lesson 10: Assessment lesson
Lesson 11: Assessment feedback and peer marking lesson.
Lesson 12: Extended project: Researching a rainforest.

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This SoW could also work for someone teaching rainforests as a Biology topic.

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