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The SoW: An awesome KS3 Geography scheme of work on global biomes and ecosystems that investigates climates, landscapes and the animals and people that are adapted to them!  The cheme of work co covers global biomes like hot deserts , rainforests, coral reefs, polar regions and bamboo forests as well as the animals that live there and how humans are changing these regions. 

  • All answers on PPT
  • All resources ready to print
  • Clear titles, objectives, starters, tasks and extensions (+challenges and plenaries!)
  • Includes assessment with all answers!

The Scheme of work includes 11 interesting and engaging lessons more that will impress OFSTED or observers!

Lesson breakdown:

  • Lesson 1: Ecosystems
  • Lesson 2: Food webs
  • Lesson 3: Global biomes introduction
  • Lesson 4: Mediterranean biome
  • Lesson 5: Coral Reefs
  • Lesson 6: Bamboo forests
  • Lesson 7: Tropical Rainforests
  • Lesson 8: Hot deserts
  • Lesson 9: Polar biomes
  • Lesson 10: Assessment lesson
  • Lesson 11: Peer feedback/marking lesson

Please email me with any questions you have at ukjoshkelly@yahoo.co.uk

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Last Update: 15th December 2023
Released: 15th December 2023