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Dissection classes are amongst the hardest and most daunting, partly because its difficult, its new with new tools and most of all because our boys have a terrible habit of lying about how squeamish they really are!

This single worksheet and one Chicken Leg between two students is all you need for a top notch quality learning lesson, no slides required!

The worksheet shows a compounded dissection of a chicken leg, first demonstrating the tendon structure, then the bones, then by opening up the synovial pocket you can experience the cartilage and touch the very slippery synovial fluid found inside.

Tips for best practice
-Practice by yourself first!
-Show each step by webcam onto the big screen, or even better Discord can stream to multiple ipads/tablets on each desk.
-Make it a competion, cleanest bones, best dissection, most features correctly identified etc.
-Let them mess it up, but show them their success (oh that incision is in the wrong place, but you just found the pelvis!!!)

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Last Update: 17th February 2024
Released: 17th February 2024