Educational heart dissection guide with illustrations and instructions.


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Heart dissection classes are amongst the hardest and most daunting, partly because its difficult, its new with new tools and most of all because our boys have a terrible habit of lying about how squeamish they really are!

This single worksheet and one heart between two students is all you need for a top notch quality learning lesson, no slides required!

The worksheet shows a butterfly style heart dissection, so called as the front and back are seperated and if performed correctly resembles a gruesome butterfly, you will have access to each blood vessel, all valves and have a ver identifiable structure you can reference to in workbooks.

Tips for best practice
-Practice by yourself first!
-Show each step by webcam onto the big screen, or even better Discord can stream to multiple ipads/tablets on each desk.
-Make it a competion, biggest bloodclot found, best dissection, most features correctly identified etc.
-Let them mess it up, but show them their success (oh that incision is in the wrong place, but you just found the Aorta!!!)

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Last Update: 19th February 2024
Released: 17th February 2024