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AQA GCSE Psychology (Paper 3.1)  3.1.1 Memory


  1. Processes of memory
  • What is memory in terms of cognitive psychology
  • Types of memory: episodic, semantic & procedural
  • Memory processes: encoding, retrieval & storage


  1. Structure of memory
  • Coding (aka: Encoding), Capacity & Duration (STM & LTM Stores)
  • The Multi-Store Model (STM & LTM)
  • Primary & Recency Effects (Serial Recall)
  • Serial Position Curve (Murdoch)


  1. Memory as an active process
  • Reconstructive Memory
  • War of the Ghosts (Bartlett)
  • Accuracy of Memory (Factors: Interference, Context & False Memories)



Consists of a two PPT display (59 slides and 21 slides), one covers main topics and one for class experiments (x 3) plus a worksheet (2 pages) for Godden and Baddeley (context dependency).


All on one ZIP file….


 PPT’s include under slide teaching comments, on-slide exercises/questions to supplement understanding and activities to encourage thinking.


Complete coverage of the whole memory module, just ‘pick up a module’ and go… suitable for both new and experienced teachers

You are welcome to amend, expand or reduce the display to suit your needs.


The experienced author:

 Andy Mac (amac education: Psychology) is a Chartered Psychologist, experienced teacher, lecturer, and publisher.

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Last Update: 3rd April 2021
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