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Learn about Indian Culture Values with Culture Buff Games Culture Buff Indian Values interactive games leverage visual stories to teach students about Indian culture values in a way that is fun and engaging. Designed by culture experts, our culture scenarios illustrate how Indian culture values manifest in everyday life and are shaped by historical events.

We have 4 games in our Indian Values Series. The first game is free. Each game has 13 visual culture scenarios. Each culture scenario ranges from the historical to the contemporary and is backed up by a detailed explanation. Our online games can be played on laptop, tablet or mobile. Culture Buff Indian Values games can be facilitated by teachers, incorporated into social studies, Indian culture training or used in a self-directed way by students interested in India and Indian culture. Our games are designed for educators to open up a discussion about Indian values and culture.

Instruction Video: https://www.culturebuffgames.com/view_instructions_video


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