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This bundle for Edexcel’s GCSE Business 9-1 (Theme 1 and 2) has everything for both new and experienced teachers. Every resource was created in 2023-2024 and has engaging and colourful slides to cater for remote learning needs. The quality of these resources are better than anything currently on the market (I should know as I’ve purchased quite expensive ones myself in the past!)

The topics covered are:
1.1 Enterprise and entreprenuership
1.2 Spotting a business opportunity
1.3 Putting a business idea into practice
1.4 Making the business effective
1.5 Understanding external influences on a business
2.1 Growing a business
2.2 Making marketing decisions
2.3 Making operational decisions
2.4 Making financial decisions
2.5 Making human resource decisions

Each topic consists of the following:
*Scheme of works (Knowledge organisers included)
*Power points
*Learning questions
*Live in 5! (Start activities based on the previous lesson)
*Real life/up to date examples
*Video tasks
*A proven colour code ‘learning structure’ that supports key terms, context and connectives
*A proven teaching and learning structure that concentrate’s on ‘4 steps of succesful learning’ 1) Live in 5! 2) I Phase 3) We Phase 4) You phase
*Innovative progress checks
*Exam style questions with model answers and a proven structure based on the Edexcel command words
*Individual and group activities
*End of topic assessments

I have been been a Business and finance teacher for nearly 10 years and during that time held a number of extra roles, including leading teaching and learning in a school. These resources will allow you to just ‘teach’ and give your pupils the best possible chance of success.

*Please feel free to leave comments. Any positive or constructive feedback is always welcomed and I’m happy to add anything extra you need.

Best wishes,


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Last Update: 23rd May 2024
Released: 23rd May 2024