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SOURCE & SOAR’s NEWSOURCE series offers new, original works of literature and art as sources for subject-integrated activities and assessments.

Each NEWSOURCE contains:

  • A description of the source, including background notes on the author
  • Content warnings
  • Suggested school level use
  • An original work
  • Sample Q&A for teachers arranged according to Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Suggestions for subject integration and extension

If you are tired of using the same old texts in English or History, why not try one of these NEWSOURCES?

NEWSOURCE 1: “Dresden, St Valentine’s Day, 1945”

Please note that the source used in this download is an original work. “Dresden, St Valentine’s Day, 1945” is a poem about the Dresden bombings during World War II. Besides English, History and even Dance, this resource can also be used to discuss human rights in conflict situations.

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Last Update: 11th October 2021
Released: 9th October 2021