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There is no one right way to conduct literacy circles. The approach may change from class to class, teacher to teacher, student to student and sometimes-even day to day.

What Are Literacy Circles?
• Small groups of students meet to discuss reading passages (poems, short stories, novels, fiction or nonfiction).
• The discussion is student directed and student centered.
• The discussion is guided by the students’ response to what they have read.
• The circles allow students to engage in critical thinking and reflection through reading, discussing and responding to literature.
• Students are enthusiastic, motivated and actively involved.

This package includes
• How to use it with Google Docs
• About Literacy Circles
• 10 different handouts

This package includes the following handouts:
• Discuss
• Connect
• Summarize
• Vocabulary
• Illustrate
• Fact Finder
• Timeline
• Connection
• Conflicts
• Character Traits

Pick and choose the literacy circle handouts you want to use based on your students readings and needs. Since this package comes in an editable Google Doc, you can also make changes where you feel is necessary. Print them out or use them digitally on Google Docs!

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Last Update: 15th September 2022
Released: 15th September 2022